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2007 Supercharged Corvette & 1969 Vintage Porsche 911 *PACKAGE* in Calgary, Alberta

2007 Supercharged Corvette & 1969 Vintage Porsche 911 *PACKAGE*
2007 Supercharged Corvette & 1969 Vintage Porsche 911 *PACKAGE*
2007 Supercharged Corvette & 1969 Vintage Porsche 911 *PACKAGE*
2007 Supercharged Corvette & 1969 Vintage Porsche 911 *PACKAGE*
Price: $80,000
Date/Time:29 Sep, 04:30 p.m. EST
Type: Porsche

Province: Alberta  City: Calgary  Car brand: Porsche
Porsche in Alberta
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I'll start with the cars first and then the blah, blah, blah after:
CAR #1 (xxxx C6 Corvette Coupe... SUPERCHARGED WITH 600+ HP)
Bought brand new in xxxx, this is a Canadian car that started out as a C6 with the Z51(1SB option) package. Pulled from the build sheet the Z51 package includes options such as:
Oil cooler
Stiffer springs & stabilizer bars
Specific shock absorbers
Larger brakes with cross drilled rotors
Specific Tires
Z51 6 speed manual transmission
I also made a few aesthetic updates such as:
Optional gun metal grey wheels
Tinted windows
Full width, paint matched spoiler
Not that interested, ok, you're a hard sell.
In early xxxx I took to Davenport Motorsports here in Calgary and got the full, life changing, smile inducing, don't want to leave my car promoting supercharger package. I have the full build sheet for those who request it but the highlights include:
Hi Flow injectors
Cold air intake
MSD spark plug wires
Long tube headers
High flow catalytic converters
Stainless steel X-pipe
Corsa sport exhaust
Callaway short throw shifter
Stainless steel tunnel reinforcement plate
Hawk "street performance" brake pads
Kumho Ecsta street tires
This all sounds impressive and you know what? is. I have attached the dyno sheet to give you an idea of the power all this put together but have a few caveats:
The HP rating is rear wheel, to the ground HP
The car only had a few thousand km on it when the dyno test was done. It is assumed that as the engine breaks in an the CPU updates to better match the upgrades that some more HP will be freed.
I didn't have the Corsa exhaust on the car at the time so it is assumed that with better flow comes more HP
But for argument sake, lets just say 522 HP at the rear wheels.
Last noteable about this car; it has never been in an accident. I've driven the living hell out of it (that's why god put these cars on earth) but have never abused it.
CAR #2 (xxxx Porsche 911T (xxxx RSR Replica))
This car has existed in my family since xxxx. It was purchased here in Calgary from a Porsche enthusiast who did the original conversion from a 911T to the more eye appealing xxxx RSR. From my knowledge here is what he did to facilitate the change:
All body parts are OEM (i.e. fiberglass whale tale, fiberglass extended hood and RSR bumper, metal fender flares). The body was not done with fiberglass "racing" parts that have a poor fit.
The engine was replaced with the 2.4S 6 cylinder with Bosch mechanical fuel injection. According to some conversation and research this was a very new design for that era and produced horsepower short of what some of the first turbo engines produced.
The 4 speed transmission was replaced with a 5 speed.
Front seats were replaced with Recaro bucket seats.
All of that above work was done by a professional with care and pride. This resulted in a great car that looks good and was driven for years and years. Of course with any vintage car things start to wear so in the xxxxs I did a 90% restore of the vehicle. This includes:
Rebuild of the engine from the short block out
Rebuild of the Bosch fuel pump (apparantly there are only a couple guys capable of this in N. America resulting in a bill almost comparable to the complete engine build)
Complete tear down and rebuild of the suspension (bushings, hardware, etc.)
Complete tear down of the brakes (rebuild calipers, turned rotors, replaced lines, etc.)
Body paint was redone front to back with any "areas of concern" addressed in the proper manner.
Interior floor carpet was replaced.
This of course resulting in a fresh looking xxxx Porsche which drives as well today as it did 40 years ago. The only problem... it has a way hotter, younger and faster sister that gets all the attention.
So as the story goes, I've got my eye on a new toy but I have to get rid of the ones I currently have. I'm sure the title caught your attention but you should know that this isn't the kind of package where your wife gets a new $20,000 kitchen and you get a $200 leaf blower to clean the yard.
Some of you probably don't need both cars, that's cool, do you have a friend who would be interested in the other one? Maybe you could sell one to help pay for the other? Maybe you should take the 'Vette and give your wife the Porsche?
Some of you might not have the room for two cars. If things get serious enough I will consider giving you a 4 post storage lift so that you can stack these cars on top of each other and save the one garage space you are allowed.
A FINAL NOTE: I'm not offering a xxxx mustang with a 302 swap out done by me and my buddies in my garage over a weekend while drinking 5 cases of beer (sorry if that offended any one) so please, serious buyers only.
There aren't going to be any test drives. If you're not sure a supercharged Corvette meets your demands then keep on looking. If you need to determine if these vehicles fit the mechanical bill of health only fit for a car guy then we'll take them to your mechanic and he can do a full check but don't tell your mechanic that you trust him more than Davenport because he might feel a little sheepish.
I'm also only interested in one car so please, unless the vehicle you want to trade me has the letters "GT3" in it, I'll pass.
If I missed anything drop me a line. I'll be happy to provide any legitimate info I can.

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